In the Aerodynamics module, students learn about the scientific principles of aerodynamic technology. As a result, they understand and appreciate these technological achievements and the potential for future innovations.

Internet Resources

Aerospace Team Online
NASA – This site takes you into flight simulators and wind tunnels to see NASA employees doing aerodynamic design research. You will hear from the engineers, technicians, mechanics, and designers who work to make tomorrow's planes safer, more efficient, quieter, and faster.

Beginners Guide to Windtunnels 
Visit this website to study windtunnels at your own pace and to your own level of interest.

Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics 
Visit this website to study aerodynamics at your own pace and to your own level of interest. 

How Things Fly
National Air and Space Museum – Visit this site to learn how things fly by viewing an exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum.


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