E-business Skills

E-business Skills is an interdisciplinary project that connects the skills students learn in the Communications and Software Development and Applications CELLs. Students work in small groups to create an Internet business. Students are guided through the business planning process with Business Plan Pro software. They use their skills in technical writing and technical illustration to create business plan documentation as well as advertising literature for their business. They use their skills in Access and Visual Basic to develop an inventory system for their business.

Internet Resources:

Business Finance
This link will give you resources and information on how to finance a business.

Business Ideas
This site offers business start-up ideas.

Business Ideas
This site provides information on starting a business, along with interactive forums for discussing the startup process.

Business Owner's Toolkit
This link will provide you with an extensive amount of background information on starting a company including financial issues.

Business Websites
This site provides advice and assistance for new business owners including information on site design.

Entrepreneur Information
This site offers information on all facets of starting a business including funding sources.

Financial Planning
Use this site for hints on small business financial planning.

Finding a Domain Name
This website will help you to search for domain names and will indicate whether or not a particular name is already registered.

Internet Advertising
This site provides commentary on business advertising and marketing strategies.

Invention Funding
This link will help you find sources of funding if your business involves a new invention. It includes student programs and invention competitions.

IPL Mission
This link will direct you to the Mission Statement page of the Internet Public Library.

Job Bank
This site provides a large directory of jobs together with resource links including an occupational guide and a list of industry associations.

Job Genie
On this site you can search a dictionary of occupational titles that contains descriptions of over 12,000 jobs.

Keebler® Mission Statement
This link will direct you to Keebler's mission statement webpage, called "Keebler Uncommon Values."

Law for All
This site offers information on personal liability, business insurance, and business taxes.

Legal Issues Regarding Websites
This site offers links to information regarding various legal aspects of running a website and/or a web business.

This site offers commentary, case studies, and links relating to Internet marketing and advertising.

Marketing Terms
This site provides a dictionary of common marketing terms.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Use this site to read descriptions of what workers do on the job, type of training and education required, working conditions, expected salary and job prospects.

Salary Source
Use this site to find the current market value of jobs in your area.

Starting a Business
This site offers a large amount of information about planning and financing a small business. It also has a small business link library.

U.S. Census Bureau
This link to the United States Census Bureau offers a wealth of information about businesses and consumers.

U.S. Small Business Administration
This U.S. government website offers information and links to all aspects of small business.

U.S. Small Business Administration - Office of Advocacy
This site is a must-visit for the small business entrepreneur.

Web Marketing
This site provides a wealth of information on developing a marketing plan for an online business.

Website Samples
This site provides sample business websites.


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